Tuesday, July 10, 2012

California Road Trip

Road trips seem to be the mode of travel here this year.
Though the road trip was only four days, it was extra special.
The purpose of the trip was to meet a dear blogger friend from Norway.

On Sunday afternoon we ventured into the heat of
the California valley near Sacramento to this wonderful oasis.
It was the home of my friends hosts, Jane and Lanny.
I couldn't help but take peaks around their wonderful compound.
Jane is an artist, so of course a stop in her studio was part of the tour.
Oh would I love a studio such as Jane's.

There were many different rooms in the garden to sit and visit.
This is looking back at the artist studio, a sweet little house.

There was time to sit and visit here surrounded by grapes
 that will ripen later in the summer.

Oh, but best of all was the purpose for the trip.
To meet my friend, Britt-Arnhild.
You can visit her blog here, The House in the Woods.

We arrived early to have a lovely visit with Britt-Arnhild, her husband, Terje and daughter, Marta.
They were staying in a lovely guesthouse at the back of the property.

One of the pleasures of blogging is having opportunities
such as this and to meet face to face.  
It was a delightful day and one that will always remain in
my memories and I will treasure each moment spent with a new friend.

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