Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Color of Tea


From The Color of Tea, by Hannah Tunnicliffe:


Macarons are tiny French confections made from the finest almond powder, egg whites, and sugar.
They have charmed Parisians and Europeans for centuries, their crisp, sweet shells sandwiched together with
creamy fillings.  They are infinitely more elegant than cupcakes, daintier than tarts, prettier than pastries. 
Charming, meringue-like buttons, full of French couture attitude.  The delight is in the changing flavors,
inspired by seasons, whims, or moods.  They are best enjoyed over a cup of tea and a conversation
filled with secrets and gossip.  These sweets have a cult following, and it is easy to see why; after your first, you will be hooked...

Ok, I am hooked on macarons with my tea.
What a perfect combination for afternoon tea.
The book was picked up at the market recently
and is just a fun summer read.
I had fun reading it and now want to pass it on.
If you would like to be the next to read it,
leave a comment today and I will announce the winner tomorrow.