Friday, August 3, 2012

Barn House Dream'n

Just Enjoy!
Did you enjoy a visit to the Barn House Marketplace?
Find anything you would like to take home?
I mainly just brought pictures home,
but also loved connecting with Garrett at
He has the best vintage shirts.
Joanne of Camas Antiques,
My friend, Lynn, that I worked with in the world of apparel,
she has a great booth each year at the Barn House.
Holly from Gathering, Better Junque, in Willows, California.
She was checking out our Northwest junk.
 If you scroll back a bit you will find my post about visiting this shop.
Then I always love saying "Hi" to Isabel of Maison Douce too.
You can find her here at

What is it you like best about visiting a flea/antique market?
Is it just being surrounded by the ambiance?
Or the thrill of the find?


Anonymous said...

i just love the atmosphere

S. Etole said...

I would love to take a visit to that little shop. So many of the items remind me of my parents and grandparents era.

Rosemary said...

Beuatiful! This would be absolutely fun! Although I don't visit many flea/antique markets, it was the thrill of the find that I enjoyed! Downsizing now, so no longer seek them out.

Anonymous said...

It's always the thrill of the find for me. I love to root through to the bottom of the basket or deep to the back of the shelf. Always looking for that special something.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I would have gone wild there :-)

By the way, the first photo, the one of the red barn, could have been taken in Norway.

beth said...


relevanttealeaf said...

I love finding "treasures" to bring home, but if I don't find anything browsing is fun too -- seeing things that my mother had when I was growing up... and more recently seeing some of the toys that I used to have. Yikes! What a reality check! ;-)

Tracy said...

WOW... now that's my kind of shopper's paradise! I love flea markets usually because of the mix of old and new. There's a nostalgia about such places that really captures my heart. And, of course, it's always a thrills to find a treasured item or collectible. I love flea markets as places to scavenge for art supplies! Love being along with you on your road trips, Marilyn! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Joy said...

I like both! I like to poke around and see what is there, but I especially like finding something really special and really affordable!

Laurie said...

I love the cherub! and turning the old chicken feeders into candle holders is such a neat idea! I think I'd fill them with water also, and add fresh cut flowers. Love the old spindles too.
I love both the ambiance and the thrill of the perfect find. Now I want to go to a flea market!

Angela McRae said...

What great eye candy! It's soothing to me to look at pretty old things like these, whether or not I actually go home with anything new!

Jeanie said...

I so want to go on one of your shopping sprees. The spots you share are so very, very beautiful!