Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This Year's Garden

How I love the outdoors all year long,
but especially during flower season.
I would be amiss if I didn't visit the garden
with you just for awhile.
So here are a few scenes from my garden.
The garden has changed some this year,
as we removed a large tree in the front of the house.
In it's place we planted a prune plum tree and
what you see is the one lone plum on the tree.
We also planted a Gravenstein apple tree and
had one delicious apple from it.
The sunflowers were a gift from god planted by the birds.
My husband (the live in gardener) loves it when that happens.
We have tomatoes growing and one corn stalk growing
in the flower garden, also gifts from god.
And pumpkins are everywhere this year.
They will be pure delight later this fall.
Now that is something to look forward to
as the morning is beginning to cool.
Roses, roses, roses - Oh do we love the roses.
Twelve new ones were added to the garden this year.
Can't wait to see how they flourish and grow next year.
Hope you enjoyed a short visit to my garden.


Adrienne said...

Your garden is gorgeous! Our yard has suffered neglect this summer, I fear! My garden didn't get planted this year! Too many family needs that took top priority. I'm thinking of planting a fall garden - something I've never done before!

Annie said...

I have some bulbs blooming this year. I have no idea what they are but the are white and airy and oh so pretty. Any - very welcomed. My roses, on the other hand are pathetic. This winter I'm cutting them back. HARD. And moving them.

Mark said...

Your garden looks and sounds great!!And a live in gardener, I have one of them too.

Relindis said...

Beautiful garden flowers and fruit!
We too are hoping that a pear tree that we planted will be established. So far, no fruit this year, although there was some last. We do have a handful of black figs each year now. Last year we had sunflowers. We didn't plant any seeds this year and now miss them at this time of the year.

AIice said...

Wow! Those sunflowers are really stunning and vibrant. Looking at it just makes me smile. Interesting garden indeed.

Alice @ Suncast

Laurie said...

How pretty Marilyn, and aren't those special gifts the best!?

Rosemary said...

Beautiful blossoms! Wish I could stroll around the garden with you!