Thursday, August 30, 2012


Sitting with my tea in the early morning light
we wait, my Joey and me.
Outside as the sun is rising there are times
when the shadows do delight.
Oh I wish you could see it here, but
my camera was not quick enough to share.
Hummingbirds tasting, drinking the nectar
of the flowers there.
We sit and watch as they dance in the shadows
and we enjoy a cup of tea in the quiet of the early morning.

Do you have an early morning ritual as you sit in the quiet with your tea?


Laurie said...

Beautiful Marilyn, I love your way with words. I love to sit out on the garden swing that overlooks the yard. So peaceful.

8)(8 said...

So beautiful.

Steph said...

I like your poetry!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

That sounds just lovely Marilyn - I had to search Joey on your blog, so now I know he's your ginger cat!!

Early morning is a great time to take stock of all sorts of things - thoughts, ideas and so on.
I usually take my second cup of tea with me for a stroll around the garden to see whats happening and make notes - mental or on paper of the little jobs that need doing - it's so enjoyable!
Sadly I haven't got a furry friend to accompany me anymore, but I'm hoping to soon!

Wishing you a very enjoyable weekend!

Relindis said...

Your poem and photo captures those early morning moments that are precious to you.
My husband usually brings me a cup of tea in bed. Later I join him in the conservatory for breakfast. (Mr.P has already taken a turn around the garden).
It was lovely to wake up to sun shining through the curtains this morning after days of rain.
Hope you have a good weekend.

Tracy said...

BEAUTIFUL, soft image, Marilyn! My morning ritual always includes tea, and always prayer/meditation, sometimes some reading, if I have time. I love mornings, and am a morning person. :o) Lovely to catch up with you after a brief hiatus! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Gail said...

Hi - your view is lovely and peaceful. We sit having our coffee by a big side window and sliders to the back - all facing woods and the brook. It is so quiet and peaceful with the delightful sounds of birds and in full view as the feeders are right out the window. I could touch them. This time of year the shadows deepen and it is glorious - shades of jade and cranberry, violet and earth - the blend is divine.

Love Gail

p.s. did anything arrive at your door?

Cathy said...

Your morning ritual is so much nicer than mine, Marilyn. I'm usually sipping my coffee in front of my computer screen. I would much rather watch the sun come up.
Hope you have a very enjoyable holiday weekend.

Mary said...

I so wish I had a Joey to share the early mornings with. I recall my old Tiny girl waking me up early by kissing my face and then waiting by the bed until I went to the kitchen with her - memories of cats never fade.

Now my early mornings are usually a mug of black coffee, here at the laptop, watching the early morning birds flitting around the porch outside the dining room window. When it cools off, and I'm back from OZ, I'll have some early gazebo mornings - love it out there in Fall.

Happy weekend dear.
Mary X

Rosa said...


Relyn Lawson said...

This is a stunning photograph. When you start selling your images as cards, this one will be a hit. Guaranteed.