Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Heart of an Artist

Sunday my husband and I had the honor and pleasure of being invited to a special party.
Someone I think is very special had inherited her family farm house and property.
After much cleaning, gardening, and decorating she wanted a party to
reclaim the spirit of the place.
It was amazing to see about 200 people dance, eat, and fellowship together
with great JOY and celebration.

What touched me and gave me great delight was the opportunity to visit her father's
art studio.  The top picture is just a glimpse.
When I stepped into this room it was stepping back in time and feeling
the heart of this man as he painted here.
It was the same feeling I had when I stepped into the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris.
You can just feel the creative spirit permeating the place.
I had seen prints of the painting in the second photo, but to see the original just sitting there sang to my heart.
Have you ever stepped into a room and just felt the presence of someone very special?