Friday, August 10, 2012


The Sandy River in Oregon probably has other sand bars,
but the one located at Oxbow Park has a special tradition.
Each winter the sand bar is reconstructed and wiped clean.
Then in the Spring the "Rock Lady" comes again and begins
constructing rock cairns.
Occasionally she also likes to skinny dip in the river to refresh herself
for the journey of building these very special formations.
Those that visit here regularly know her and come just to see
her creativity.

Oh yes, she does play.

They give me delight and a smile to see.

This pair is just enjoying the sunshine and the water nearby.

There are thousands of them congregating here.
A rock concert perhaps?

Perhaps a meeting is taking place here?

Is this one a mama, papa, and child?

What do you like to do to just play?
I hope you have plans to play this weekend.
Sending hugs and great playful JOY.