Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Elusive Fairy

Searching for the elusive fairy
I found such pure delights
In the sunshine singing there
Where the dawning of Spring
Flowers blooming
Would fit a fairy true
Skirts twirling and embellishment for the hair
Tucked under moss and mushrooms
Are they hiding, but where
Yes, the elusive fairy is dancing here

Photos take in the sunshine of a recent winter day in the Portland Japanese Gardens.


paris parfait said...

It looks so pretty and spring-like! We're expecting more snow tomorrow, but hopefully it won't last long. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jim! x

Rosemary said...

there is a fairy in every one of those photos... i simply know it to be so!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful poem and photographs I love Japanese Gardens.
Love Jeanne

Steph said...

Wonderful montage and poem. Is the poem yours? Happy Valentine's Day!

Karen's Place said...

Their dancing from petal to petal...lovely sentiment and pictures of the garden. Happy Valentines!

It's Just Dottie said...

Delightful !!!

Laurie said...

I love your poem Marilyn, and I'm sure there are fairies everywhere! That's what I believe!

Linda said...

The dawning of Spring is always thrilling! Fondest love to you today, Marilyn.

Jeanie said...

What IS it about chasing those fairies? You never find them, but you find so much more! These are lovely and I have to say I'm a tad envious of your early spring!

Angela McRae said...

Oh my! I just hope the fairies had as good a time as you obviously did!

mrs mediocrity said...

This made me smile and smile... particularly since it is freezing and windy here just now.
Fairy magic is a beautiful thing.