Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tasty Treat for Tea


A few days ago I was sitting in an office waiting.
Picking up a Martha Stewart magazine
and I found recipes for simple treats.
One particularly caught my eye.
It was for a date spread to put on gingersnap cookies.
The recipe called for coffee, but I decided to try it with tea.
It turned out quite delicious.
I think it would be a lovely spread on toast or scones.
If you make ginger flavored pancakes it would be yummy on them too.
It was quite good spread on a piece of pound cake.

Here is the recipe:

Take a hand full of dates, pit and chop
(I had about a cup)
Put in a small bowl and soak  for 15 minutes covered with a nice dark tea.
I used a combination of English Breakfast and  Lapsang Souchong, which is a smoky tea
Puree in Cuisanart.
I removed some of the liquid when I put in the Cuisanart.
Sandwich between two gingersnaps and ENJOY.
OK, I did sandwich between the two cookies and when I ate it squished down the front of me.
I would suggest open face or in something not so rigid.

The combination of dates, tea, and ginger was quite good.


Marisa said...

Sounds delicious and something I need to try.

La Tea Dah said...

These sound delicious and they look beautiful! Yum!

Bernideen said...

This recipe sounds wonderful!

Jeanne said...

Blessings and smiles across the miles I love all you share.

Love Jeanne

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I'm chuckling at the squishiness Marilyn - as that was exactly what I was thinking!! LOL!
Sounds a super idea - thank you!!
...if it wasn't for blogging, we just woudn't know about these important things in life!
What could be nicer than tea and Squishy Ginger date cookies!
Shane ♥

somepinkflowers said...

{{ i feel
you looked


the yummy~sounding
date*mixture ... }}

Jeanie said...

That looks delicious and easy -- and I'm a sucker for ginger snaps. Thanks for sharing it!

Mary said...

Yep, even before I got to that sentence I was thinking a bib may be required, ha! ha! Bet the flavor was great though - how about spread on slices of something like poundcake?

Happy tea time treats from here - apple, prune and brandy cake this week - our favorite from the cottage kitchen.

Love, Mary

S. Etole said...

Love gingersnaps with tea. They go together so well.

Caroline said...

Oh my...that sounds divine! I have been drinking a lot of tea lately, due to my cold. I always think of you when I pour my cup. Tea is so lovely.

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Marilyn,
I like your pretty cup and pot together.
Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Sounds delicious and easy! Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Thanks for the idea for this spread. The combination of dates and ginger would be delicious. Must try.-

Angela McRae said...

This sounds delicious, and of course I like your combination of ingredients even better than Martha's!