Friday, February 15, 2013

Touches of Red

If you were to ask me what colors decorate my home, I wouldn't say red.
However, when I look around my house there are touches of red.
With the celebrating of Valentine's yesterday, I definitely started noticing the red.
In looking yesterday I saw:
Red Hat Ladies
Red tablecloths
Red clothes everywhere
Red hearts
Red dishes
Red candy
Red heart shaped boxes
Red balloons
I even saw Elvis, oops I don't think he was red.

Red just makes me feel happy.
Is there a color that makes you feel happy?

Happy weekend
I hope you are surrounded by colors of the rainbow.


Steph said...

I love red and orange - and a little goes a long way!

parTea lady said...

Blue and yellow & right now the colors of a fiesta - Mexico trip is getting close. :-)

relevanttealeaf said...

The color of red always reminds me of Nancy Reagan. It was her favorite color and she called it a "picker-upper." My favorite color is light blue. It is soft, delicate and restful.

Mary said...

I actually have a few red touches two Martha S. pots on the kitchen stovetop (until I can afford the Le Creuset version in Ink Blue - I so LOVE those!), a red print silk lampshade I made years ago......well guess that's about it right now. My mother always said a room should have something red to lift the other colors (even my whites perhaps???). Have you noticed how photos with something red in them are always the best?

Hugs - happy weekend.
Love, Mary

koralee said...

I love red...I have noticed I wear a lot of it lately! Happy weekend.

GardenofDaisies said...

I suppose I probably could find every color in the rainbow here at my house, somewhere. But it's the blues and greens that truly put a smile on my face.

Linda said...

My favourite colours are blue and green - blue skies, blue sea, green grass, but I also love white when it comes to

Jeanie said...

I'm like you -- I couldn't imagine a red theme of decor -- but sometimes it just creeps in because you are right -- it IS a happy color. And it is, after all, Valentine's week!

Jeanne said...

Red she said
Beautiful touches indeed

Love and hugs to you
Have a soulful Sunday
Love Jeanne

somepinkflowers said...

i just had to smile
as i am the same way about Red ...
i never say
~~RED~~ is my fav color
here it is !!

punching up my life ...

{{ fun posting, missy !!

i still have a jar
with those cinnamon red hot hearts
on my kitchen table ...
i WILL eat them up ... }}

Cathy said...

I love touches of red too, Marilyn. It's so cheery on a grey day and always makes me happy to look at it. The wheels are in motion for my move to the city. I have to admit I'm getting excited about it.

Tracy said...

This was fun, Marilyn! I have touches of red in my kitchen--and it's a happy color in a kitchen. The rest of the house is mostly white, creams, beige with splashes of aqua blue and browns. I love color for my creative life/work, but at home I like soothing neutrals with the occasional "pop" of color. Oh, and Elvis lives here too in some tiny forms--a calendar, a deck of cars, music. :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

Pink still makes me happy but turquoise makes me joyful these days! By the way, my mother has always said Elvis isn't really dead so I'll have to let her know he was last seen in Portland! ;)