Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter, A Time of Celebration

It's Easter time in the city,
it's Easter time all about.
A time for celebration.
New life, new birth, new growth is here.
So celebrate today,
find an egg or two
For it's Easter time 
and Sing

Happy Easter and Happy Weekend, dear friends!


Steph said...

And to you! My family used to call daffodils "Easter Lilies". So lovely.

Linda Fox said...

Love this. Happy Easter to you.

Mary said...

I'm really glad the flatbread was a hit - your changes sounded fine, how can one really go wrong with that type of recipe!

Glad to hear your garden is growing dear - you do have a beautiful one!

Gentle rain here this morning and ours looks so very lovely, pollen washed away, everything so green, azaleas a mass of pinks, reds, lavender and white. We've worked hard out there this past week, planted some new things, cleaned up, mulched etc. More to be done after this Easter weekend spent celebrating with some of the family and friends.

Have a beautiful Easter - blessings and love to you all.
Mary x

Jeanne said...

Happy Easter to you and yours
Love Jeanne

Jeanie said...

Reflection AND beauty. Sending much love for Easter!

Tracy said...

Hallelujah!...Hallelujah!... Celebrating the JOY along with you, Marilyn :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

paris parfait said...

Such a charming little arrangement inside a lovely transferware teacup! Hope you and yours have had a lovely Easter holiday (it's still a holiday in Europe - Easter Monday).

Rosemary said...

Such a fun Easter composition! Hope your celebration was joyful! Hugs to you!

Joy said...

Happy Easter to you, too! Love the photo.

Angela McRae said...

What sweet teacup decor!