Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday's Quotes

Angel came down
From heaven yesterday,
Stayed with me just long enough
for afternoon tea.
And she told me a story yesterday;
About the sweet love
Between the moon and the deep blue sea.
~Jimi Hendrix

Have you noticed that moon?
It shines full for you and me.


Jeanne said...

Bella Luna and I love that quote for today. Blessings

Rosemary said...

Fun post - and yes, I did notice the moon! And I also noticed those beautiful pink roses in that delicate tea cup - such a stunning color!

Angela McRae said...

How lovely! I feel as if I could reach out and touch those rose petals!

Steph said...

A great poem!

paris parfait said...

Thanks for the reminder of Hendrix. Lovely roses in a teacup! (And haven't seen the "blood moon," but the moon has been quite bright the last few nights.

Jeanie said...

Gorgeous! You are giving me a rather good idea for my Easter table setting! I even think I have enough pretty cups!

Mary said...

Love the china, and of course the roses. Glad the weekend went off OK. Gardening chores kept me busy and new plants went in…….now a freeze warning tonight as it dropped from a few days in the 80's down to a possible 32 tonight and tomorrow night. Nature can be cruel!

Fingers crossed for the azaleas just bursting out for Easter.

Sending love, Mary