Wednesday, April 30, 2014


 Freshly made lemon bars with Phoenix Mountain Single Tree Oolong.
 First rose spotting of Spring.
 My neighborhood, one of the many alleys tucked here and there.
The Portland Art Museum where a friend took me yesterday.

A couple days ago I received my weekly email from Cheryl Richardson.
She talked about noticing what makes you smile.
"It's a simple gesture, this thing called a smile, 
and yet it's also a powerful communication device that 
sends data back and forth between the body and the soul."
So yesterday when I went for my 2 hour walk I paid attention to what makes me smile.
Flowers always make me smile and seeing the first rose spotting for Spring did just that.
Seeing my neighborhood in all it's beauty and uniqueness makes me smile.
Coming home to a lovely cup of tea and lemon bars makes me smile.
Then a surprise invitation to a special exhibit at the art museum
and spending time with a friend was definitely a smile.
Seeing the children playing in the sunshine made me smile.
Just good old sunshine makes me smile.
Seeing a sign on a store downtown that said,
"Treasures that make you smile."
I almost stopped to see those treasures. 
Smiling is a treasure worth cherishing.

What makes you smile today?


Steph said...

Sunshine, but cloudy days with dramatic skies too...

Flowers on my desk...


Children's laughter...

Hugs from friends...


Being creative...

So much to make us smile each day!

La Tea Dah said...

Your post made me smile today. I have the same teacup that you pictured...and will use it today and think of you. And the first rose? How exciting! I can hardly wait! It will be a few more weeks before any of mine burst into bloom. It sounds like you are enjoying the lovely weather, spring, sunshine, and walks through a delightful neighborhood. Enjoy!

Lorrie said...

Sunshine outside my window.
Tightly formed peony buds.
Taking my granddaughter out for tea.
A clean kitchen.

Deb said...

A visit from my daughter and baby Gwyn. A cup of chamomile tea and a raspberry tart. Watching a squirrel dine on an apple at the feeder. Audrey hiding in her hidey-hole. I actually laugh at her. :) Your post made me smile. Hugs, Deb

Tracy said...

WONDERFUL images, Marilyn! And I love a smile--a smile can change a day. :o) So your post makes me smile. And the sunshine on this spring day makes me smile. My Charlie-kitty sitting out in the sunshine makes me smile. Tea in my cup... Yup, almost everything can make me smile. Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

What a wonderful walk -- no wonder you were smiling!

It's a little early for conscious smiles today but I did smile a bit as Lizzie uncharacteristically curled up beside me this morning for a long morning purr. I was smiling a lot last night when I went to a dinner and workshop where we made a living wreath! I can't wait to post about that!

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Lovely! Thank you for reminding me to smile at the small things in life.

Angela McRae said...

Today I am literally smiling because I am about to head out on my trip to celebrate my 50th birthday! I'm at the happy place where I'm all packed and just waiting for the travel hour to arrive!

parTea lady said...

Your lovely post made me smile. I have a couple of teacup trios in that pattern. :-)

paris parfait said...

So many things to smile about in this post! Lovely.