Friday, April 25, 2014

Simple Things do Delight

It seems like I haven't had time for so long to just sit in the garden.
This week I finally took some time to just savor each day.
I thoroughly enjoyed a gentle breeze that dried some laundry on the line.
Oh the speckled sunlight came shining through the trees was pure delight.
The smell of lilacs filled the air, but sadly yesterday we lost one of the
large branches in this tree.  Now I have two huge bouquets to enjoy in the house.
The sweet faces on the pansies and violets just make me smile.
A warm cup of a special tea just permeates my body.
Ahhhhh! Standing in the warm morning shower, letting the water flow down over
my body, oh do I like that and such a wonderful way to start the day.
A freshly made bed with pillows tossed about and I am happy.
The silence of the house, a giggle of a young child, and sometimes soft music
playing all about.
These are the things I noticed this week.

What are you noticing that delights your soul?
Happy weekend, dear friends!


Jeanie said...

Delight they do! I'm sorry about your lilac branch but glad you could at least salvage some blooms.

Right now I'm delighted by the fact that the grass is green (even though it is chilly and rainy) and my bulbs are blooming.

Happy weekend!

Lorrie said...

These little delights of yours are fun to read. Like you, I love the fall of warm water over my skin in my morning shower. I think that running hot water is one of man's greatest inventions. And we are so blessed to enjoy it. Love the laundry hanging on your line.

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, so many things. Lilacs delight me. And poems. And lemonade in a weeping glass. And my daughter's belly laugh. And puppies. And the black lamb I petted and snuggled once long ago. So many thing...

Jeanne said...

Every sight and sound of spring
Blessings my friend
Your postings are always so joyful.
:Love Jeanne ^j^

Sylvia said...

Oh how I remember hanging clothes on the line and how fresh they smelled when you laid down on the sheets at night. Aww those were the days when life was so simple where did they go!

Storybook Woods said...

Being able to sit out in ones garden in the NW this time of year is a rare treat to be savored, that is for sure. Clarice

Tracy said...

It is always the "little things" that mean so much... We had summer-like temps this past weekend, and we were in the garden both days tinkering with the little jobs that needed doing. It didn't feel like work at all though, more like tender stewardship--which is how I tend to think about gardening. So garden delights here at the moment. Happy Days, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

One thing I have noticed is to look at backgrounds. There is, for instance, a calendar page on my fridge. I have looked at it for weeks, but the other day I was waiting on tea to steep and stood there staring at it. I had not noticed the background was a chenille bedspread and some old chicken wire. (The actual focus of the photo was a display of vintage jewelry, and my eye always went to the jewelry.) It got me to thinking about investigating backgrounds a little more.

Linda said...

So many lovely things to be grateful for that you've listed in your sweet post. I'm thankful that I have all the senses to enjoy my surroundings and a heart to enjoy life.

Joy said...

I enjoyed reading your delights! I have been sick for a couple of weeks and my ears were stopped up - yesterday they finally cleared and I delighted in hearing all the little "background" sounds I've been missing!