Friday, May 23, 2014

A Memorial Weekend Wish

Peace by Amanda Bradley

Peace will come when people live
In friendship, side by side,
And cherish understanding
More than hatred, greed and pride.

Peace will come when people see
All people as the same,
And no one has to live in fear,
In ignorance, or shame.

Peace will come when people
Who are needy can reach out
For shelter, food, or love,
And no one has to do without.

Peace will come when people
Learn to listen and to care
About the rights and dignity
Of people everywhere.

Peace will come when love and trus
And kindness know rebirth,
And on that day all people
Will rejoice in peace on earth.

Searching for a poem to share for Memorial Day I found this.
I felt that PEACE was what we must remember.
A wish for PEACE,
a dream for PEACE,
and to remember those that fought for PEACE.

Happy weekend, dear friends 

photo taken near the Stone House 


La Tea Dah said...

Peace. The answer for the world.

Steph said...


Mary said...

Yes, peace would be the answer to so much of the world's sadness. Maybe it's time for women to take more leadership, we are not warmongers.

The words of the poem are true, they make one really pause and think deeply about the uselessness of so many wars.

Blessings to those who still serve in the military, to those who have gone we still think about you and thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice.

Mary x

Lorrie said...

This world is sadly lacking in peace these days.
The poem is a fitting one for Memorial Day weekend.

Jeanne said...

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

Mother Teresa

All we are saying is give peace a chance............

Jeanie said...

Peace. Even the word is beautiful. And this poem does it justice.

I hope your Memorial Day weekend is lovely.

Joy said...

Love the poem. Thank you for sharing it.

Tracy said...

LOVELY... peace to you, my friend. :o) ((HUGS))