Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tea Tasting Treat

Recently a package arrived at my door from a "tea friend".
In it was a very unique Mint Julep Pu-er.
Jo is blending her own teas. 
I loved that I had the opportunity to sample and critique.
The Mint Julep Pu-er intrigued me. 
It was a bourbon scented pu-erh with organic peppermint.
The instructions were to steep then chill over night.
Add rock sugar to the bottom of the cocktail glass
and pour the chilled tea into the glass, then add a sprig of mint.
What a treat of chilled, minty delight.
Definitely worth a special occasion.
Thanks, Jo!  I love tasting your blends.

What blended teas have you had recently that just delighted you?