Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Rose

A rose by any other name would not be a rose.
I adore roses and anxiously await their arrival.
In the meantime there was a visit to Heirloom Roses
where the roses were in full bloom in the greenhouse.
The ruffles did abound.
The colors did delight.
Fragrance was present.
And my heart did sing with JOY.

Do you have roses in your garden yet?
Do they make your heart sing with JOY?


Adrienne said...

My heirloom roses are close to bloom and my tea roses and Floribunda are still working on getting their blooms just right before they break out in full color! I need to head to Heirloom Roses soon. It would be a treat and a delight. Thank you for sharing them - and for the reminder that I want to head that way.

Rosemary said...

We are still enjoying tulips and daffodils... the lilacs just popped this week... and the redbud is blossoming, too. Love the abundance of flowers! It will be another few weeks before we can enjoy the fragrance and burst of color that the roses provide. Eager anticipation!

Jeanie said...

No roses yet -- but hopefully they wintered over and will be back! Yours are lovely!

Steph said...

I saw my first rose (an old-fashioned pink) last weekend!

Mary said...

I do have quite a lot now in full bloom and have even started drying some - will show you later.

Portland and roses - I remember the beauty, and the lovely couple who showed it to me!!!

Have dug out my Nike flip flops from Portland today - 90F but thankfully NO humidity yet!

Love, Mary

Tracy said...

Fun mosaic! LOVE roses! Roses, orchids and tulips are my faves. We have only one rose now, a pink climbers. I'm hoping it will blooms this years--we've not had many blossoms in recent years. ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

A lot of my roses bloomed while I was away, but there are still a few buds so I may get to enjoy them yet. I LOVE these photos! And by the way, when I was at The Regent's Park in London, I wrote down the names of many of the roses growing there and thought of you because your 'Just Joey' is one of them!