Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Kitchen

 Normally I don't share alot of my house as I just love sharing nature and tea,
but I have had several requests to share my kitchen.
The first time I stepped into this kitchen I knew I was home.
The morning sunshine is a beautiful greeting each morning.
Guests that come to visit take pause when they step into the kitchen
and just smile.  It just sort of has that effect on people.
It is a happy place.
It is vintage 1950.
The framed apple box labels above the cupboards are mostly from the town I grew up in.
The one above my sink belonged to my apple growing grandfather.
The round shelves at the curved end of the counter use to have vintage glass pieces,
but for now it has books for our grandson.
The poster above the little round table once hung in my uncles apple packing house.
There is more than one teapot and teacup sitting on those shelves
and we do use them often, like every day there is at least one or two teapots on the counter.
The curtains are vintage tablecloths, which I love and collect.
Hope you enjoyed a peek into my kitchen.
We use it so much it was difficult to find a time to photograph it when it wasn't just a bit messy.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marilyn:

How absolutely splendid your kitchen looks to be. So very welcoming and full of interest we are not at all surprised that it delights all of your guests. And we can well imagine your sitting in the breakfast area with the sun streaming in through the windows. Perfect.

We are very much taken with the fact that you have kept all the 1950s units which does make it, and give it the feel of, a real period piece.

Deb said...

It is adorable, Marilyn. So spacious, bright and cheery and I love all the open cupboard. You have so many pretty things that it's nice to be able to show them off this way. Love it! And your windows looking out to a beautiful view make this kitchen really special, too. We have 'apple growers' in our family, too. My husbands uncle owned an Apple Growing business outside of Kitchener, Ontario. The family still own it and the now boys have taken over.They sell the most amazing apple products around. My favorite is their apple jelly.
Thanks for the fun tour of your kitchen. I would spend lots of time there, too as it is a very inviting space. Deb

Angela McRae said...

Now Marilyn, you've been holding out on us! I love-love-love your cheerful vintage kitchen! I am sooooo very into aqua/turuoise these days, so I am having a serious coveting moment here. Lovely!

relevanttealeaf said...

I LOVE your turquoise kitchen, Marilyn. It brings back memories of my childhood kitchen - although yours is larger. We had the turquoise and white ceramic tile and a turquoise refrigerator Frigidaire]. We moved into the house in 1956 so it's in keeping with the time period of your house. Wish I had a colored picture to show you.
~ Phyllis

Laura said...

I love your kitchen. It is so light and happy. My current kitchen is bright but tiny (like a galley kitchen). The house I move to in 27! days has a lovely big kitchen with lots of light and spot for a nice size table. I'm so excited!
Thanks for sharing your kitchen!

Mary said...

……….and I scan vouch for the loveliness and comfort felt in your beautiful '50's kitchen because I was lucky enough to sit there with you last Summer! Marilyn, I still recall our visit and the kindness you and J extended to us - Portland, already loved from previous visits, became a favorite city and we hope to come back soon!

Hugs - Mary

Lorrie said...

Your kitchen reminds me of one belonging to the family of my friend when I was growing up. The lovely turquoise backsplash, the corner sink, the vintage white cabinets. It's so homey. Thank you for sharing.

Jeanie said...

I could fall into this room and stay there for the rest of my life. It is my favorite colors, I love the shelves with your pots and I thought I was the only person in the world with a corner sink! You have such a nice floorplan -- much bigger than mine. Wanna trade?

Rosemary said...

Your kitchen is fabulous! The color is captivating and it appears very spacious and so bright with that beautiful picture window. Now you must show us the view out the window! Thank you for sharing - I would love to sit and chat with you in your vintage kitchen!

Ginger said...

Your kitchen looks very inviting. Thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

I fell in love with your kitchen at the first picture. That vintage tablecloth is adorable! The rest of the kitchen is wonderful, too - so warm and welcoming. Thank you for inviting us in to see it!

Lisa said...

I love your kitchen, Marilyn! I used to live in a house that had a very similar kitchen except my border tiles were bright yellow, not the adorable turquoise like yours, mine was also a happy place and I loved it so! Yours is definitely a lovely space to chat with a friends about the little things, thank you for sharing!

Storybook Woods said...

I just love you kitchen. So vintage. It reminds me of the kitchen I had when we were first married. It looks like a great kitchen to cook in. Clarice

Adrienne said...

I have loved your kitchen from the first moment I stood in your home! It's as delightful as ever.