Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Monkey

 Do you know this monkey?
If there are little ones in your life you would know this monkey is Curious George.
 It had been a long time since I got to take a little one to a kid's event.
When I saw that the "monkey" was going to be at our local mall
I knew where my favorite little guy and I were going.
There was singing, dancing, and silliness.
Just what my heart loved.
As you see the "monkey" didn't disappoint.

Thanks to the Red Tricycle I knew the monkey was coming for a visit.
If you have a little one in your life and live near a city in the US
check to see if your city has the Red Tricycle online.
They send a weekly email with suggestions and things to do
with the younger set.


Jeanie said...

I know that monkey intimately. I f I was 50 pounds lighter, I would have had to BE that monkey with his big head and VERY warm body suit on an 85 degree day two years ago at a festival. I was never so glad to be overweight in my life! (That and Cat in the Hat, Word Girl, and some big dinosaur with a huge head!)

Jeanie said...

I know that monkey intimately! If I was 50 pounds lighter, I would have been wearing that big head and hot suit at an 85-degree art fair two years ago. (That and WordGirl and Cat in the Hat) I was never so glad to be overweight in my life -- but that said, the smiles make it worthwhile!

Rosemary said...

What fun! Such adventures will keep you young! I remember taking Angelica to meet Winnie-the-Pooh. His size was intimidating to her. She enjoyed him from a distance, and with my hand holding hers, we would only get so close before it was time to turn back.

Linda said...

A monkey usually raises a smile and you
must be having a lot of fun with your little one.

Adrienne said...

What fun! I've known that monkey since our son was little. I still have his monkey and all the books he owned, complete with a tape of my father reading one of the stories to him! I can see that your little guy enjoyed it all - and so did grandpa!

Angela McRae said...

I love Curious George and am so pleased you got to take your favorite little guy! Seeing his sweet face just makes me smile!