Friday, July 18, 2014

Sharing Tea

Twice this week I have had the opportunity to share tea with friends.
The cups are upside down because we haven't started making the tea.
How wonderful to sit in the out of doors and share our love of tea.
For both opportunities I shared the same tea.
I wasn't sure how it would steep and taste coming from my little teapot,
but it was quite good.
I shared a Darjeeling tea called Puttabong Moondrops First Flush 2014.
Sounds kind of technical doesn't it?
Puttabong is the farm or estate it came from in India.
Moondrops is the name they gave it.
First Flush 2014 was the first picking in the Spring of 2014.
I tend to like the Second Flush better for a more robust tea,
but drinking moondrops fascinated me and I just couldn't resist
buying it when I knew it was being picked.
I mentioned moondrops last year, it is like drinking stars from the sky 
on a clear evening with a gentle breeze blowing.

Have you enjoyed sipping something recently that reminded you
of a delightful starlit evening with a gentle breeze?


Deb said...

Your photos are so pretty. I've never tried that tea but love to find new ones to taste. Deb

Mary said...

I love hearing about your special tea parties out in the fresh air - I bet just about any tea tastes good served like that, BUT drinking 'Moondrops' must be extra special. Do you have cake or cookies with it?

This summer I'm enjoying several refreshing herbal teas in the afternoon, and a really nice well-chilled Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand in the evening - it's a bargain wine from Aldi - doesn't break the bank!

Have a great weekend -
Happy sipping - Mary x

Laura Morrigan said...

Those are really lovely teasets!

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Lovely!! I can close my eyes and remember the sounds from your beautiful backyard and delightful tea ceremony I enjoyed there. How could it have been two years ago?!?

Kate said...

There is nothing more soothing than a cup of tea...sounds heavenly!

Rosemary said...

Moondrops! Love the name... love your description even more!

Tracy said...

LOVELY tea sets!! Moondrops... what a gorgeous name for tea too! We've been drinking more colds drinks lately, as it's been so hot here--cold tea too. A real treat lately though has been lemonade infused with raspberry and is sparkling--very starlight feeling while drinking. ;O) Happy Days, Marilyn ((HUGS))