Thursday, July 10, 2014

Daisy from Swain Woods

Do you remember the tale of Swain Woods a few months ago?
If you do a search with the word "Whimsey" you will find the first three parts.
This is a continuation of the story, a story I am sharing with you from my child's heart.

Daisy speaks softly, but shines in the sun; she is the middle sister, the creative one they say.
Daisy tiptoed softly over the mossy ground.  How she delighted in the warmth of the summer sun.  It would shine in speckled light through the branches of the tall fir trees.  The blue bird would come to sit nearby and sing just for Daisy, a song that caused JOY to bubble in laughter and smiles.  Daisy had a heart of gold and emanated happiness and a smile to my face each time I encountered her.  There was a special sweetness that surrounded her.  Some days she would sit in the meadow and make daisy chains for those around her.  Have you made a daisy chain, she would ask?  Her mama taught her long ago.  She would pick a basket of daisies, make slits in each stem, then thread the stems together and form a chain.  The chain was wrapped through her curls and created a crown worth all the golden colors in the world.  How I would love a chain of daisies sitting in my hair for it would make my heart sing and my toes to dance through the meadow.  It would be a remembrance of times sitting in the sun with this dear little fairy named Daisy.

Have you made daisy chains to delight your soul?


beth said...

is that first line from anything or all your own?…"the middle sister line"…as that whole entire line is ME and i love it!!!!

Tracy said...

Oh, this was so sweet... Yes, I do remember daisy chains from childhood. And I'm an Auntie who's made daisy chains for little nieces & nephews too. I should make one for me sometime. ;o) Happy Days, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Mary said...

Ahhhh…….daisy chains bring back so many memories for me Marilyn. Used to sit for hours on a Summer's day (could do that in England, no mosquitoes!) on our front lawn. It was usually smothered in delicate daisies, would make yards of daisy chains to pass the time, and then play dress up and wind them in our hair and around our dollies. Yes, guess in those day we actually had time for the simple things of life and could come to a stop, unlike today where everything around us keeps going like crazy and we never catch up.

Lovely story - lovely you for sharing it.
Hugs, Mary

Angela McRae said...

We made similar chains with clover when I was a girl. Thanks for prompting a sweet memory!

Jeanie said...

I do remember Daisy and I'm glad there is a new chapter. How pretty these daisy chains are. I don't think I ever made one. I guess I missed something very nice!