Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summertime Memories

Ahhh, Summertime

When with a dare, I swung a pail of freshly picked cherries over my head, holding them in the bucket until a missed turn tumbled them to the ground.

Letting my hair fly in the wind as my uncle took me on wild rides on the back of his topless Jeep.  Whoa! Under the branches and over dirt trails through the sunshine and country side.  

 Barefoot while walking through the apple orchard where the soil was finely sifted and squished through the toes,
oh the warmth and joy of it all.  

 While in the apple orchard finding just the
 right amount of stripes, a perfect apple sunburned by the sun. 
The juice from that first bite running down my arms in glorious delight. 

Washing the soil and the apple juice away as I leapt into the cool water of the irrigation pool nearby.  

 Yes, those were the delights and joys of summers long ago.

What JOY do you remember of summer times long ago?


Kay said...

Splashing in the creek with my cousins after a long hot day picking beans. Riding my bike with no hands, hair flying. Silly circus acts to earn nickels and dimes to spend at the neighborhood "candy store".

Angela McRae said...

Popping maypops in Daddy's garden (although now I'm all sophisticated and call them "passionflowers) ... playing outside and drinking water straight from the water hose ... getting up in the wee hours of the morning for a family trip to the beach in Florida ... awaiting the arrival of the Sears and J C Penney catalogs so I could choose new back-to-school clothes. (Definitely revealing my baby boomer status!)

Mary said...

Packing a picnic into our bike baskets and riding into the countryside with my best friend Carole, then sitting in a water meadow surrounded by wild iris and dragonflies on an English Summer day - without mozzies, wonderful!

Heading to my favorite childhood beach at Corbyn Head where, at low tide, we could walk way out to play and search for hermit crabs and tiny fish in pretty rock pools. Then back to the beach for squishy tomato and cheese sandwiches, warmed by the sun, and a bottle of orangeade - luscious

Those WERE the days!

Mary X

Curtains in My Tree said...

What I remember most about my childhood in the summer was always being HOT we didn't have air condition in the 1950's and sleeping was so hard to do in a house with no air condition and one fan.
Now most people would have fun memories ? right

I love my air condition LOL

Adrienne said...

My favorite memory of summertime was when I was about twelve. It was a hot, August day. My bedroom window looked out across our unfenced backyard to an open field that was filled with golden grasses and wildflowers that had probably blown in from somewhere. I remember lying on my bed, that was beside the window, looking out, feeling the warm summer breeze blow across my face, and feeling all was well with the world!