Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Peek Behind the House

 When you are out walking in a neighborhood do you wonder
what is behind the house?
Saturday I had the opportunity to see behind a house
and saw an amazing garden by Barbara Ashmun, a garden writer.
What I loved about this first photo is the incorporation of potted plants into the garden.
The wide view, but it goes back further than you can see.
Loved the shape of this tree.
There were lilies everywhere.
The grape arbor was just loaded with grapes.
Think she would let me come back when they are ripe?
The chair was beckoning to sit awhile.
I did sit, but this was my view.
A lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon with a friend.
A bell shaped clematis, I had never seen one.
Very pretty!

If given the opportunity always walk on the back side.
You may encounter beauty not revealed by the facade.


Lorrie said...

One of these summers I'm going to plan ahead to go on a garden tour. There are many wonderful gardens in our city but I've seen very few of them. I love the way this garden is designed to draw the eye further into it.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Marilyn,

The garden looks so beautiful and how lovely you got to spend time there.
Happy day

Rosemary said...

Such a lush tranquil garden - thank you for sharing!

Steph said...

I do often want to peek behind the house!

Adrienne said...

I love to peek behind a house. This is a gorgeous yard! What a treat to visit and enjoy the beauty there.

Angela McRae said...

What an amazing garden! And I did not realize clematis came in anything but the classic shape. I never tire of seeing these gorgeous, creative gardens. You seem to have lots of them near you!

Jeanie said...

One hopes a garden writer would have an amazing garden but it's extra nice to discover it really is so -- and so lovely! What fun!