Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Flowers in Winter

My live-in gardener has put the garden to bed.
When flowers are needed to delight the soul
it is off to the market we must go.
Are these flowers this gardener carries
for a special someone?
Do you buy flowers in the cold months
to delight your heart or for a gift?
Do you sometimes just stand in the flowers section
at the market and smile.
Well that is just for free too.

Do flowers just make you happy?
What story does this photo sing to your soul?

PS - Don't forget, there is a give-away announced on Tuesday's post.


Lorrie said...

I love flowers and will treat myself to some in the winter. Other times I'm content with bringing in a bit of greenery from the yard.

Jeanie said...

I will buy and bring home flowers any day of the year -- and yes, share them around, too!

I should like to be the recipient of that fellow's bouquet!

agiftoftea said...

When passing the beauty of a floral display I take the time to "stop and smell the roses" then take a photo to capture the beauty.

Jeanne said...

Flowers are food for our souls.
I always have fresh flowers in the house all year long. They bring such joy to me especially during the winter when I am eternally dreaming of spring.


Angela McRae said...

What gorgeous fall color in this photo! Always love to see an image of a man carrying a bouquet of flowers to surprise someone with!