Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Sometimes I just have to be silly.
Actually I am not silly enough.
It does my heart good to be silly.
To dance in a tutu or drive through an imaginary wall,
those are the things that makes my heart dance with JOY.
Do you take opportunity to be silly?
Does silly make your heart sing?

I hope we all take each and every opportunity to be silly.
Jump with both feet,
wear that tutu,
dance as if your life depended on it.
Celebrate the ordinary with silliness!


Lorrie said...

A little silliness is good for all of us. Love the cheese van and the tutu outfit!

Mary said...

You and hubby are just too funny!
I love to be happy but am rather too conservative to be silly, at least in public!!!! I do agree that being silly is good for one's health so I'll try harder, New Year resolution perhaps.

Love at Thanksgiving - enjoy!
Mary X

Jeanie said...

You silly girl! I just LOVE it!

Adrienne said...

I know where you were when the silliness began! We were there recently but I couldn't get my sweetheart to sit inside that cute, little bus! Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. I hope you have a wonderful day with people dear to your heart.

paris parfait said...

YES! Love that photo of you laughing like a schoolgirl. :) Being silly is good.

Angela McRae said...

Marilyn, I'm seeing a whole new side of you, my friend!