Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Camera's for Play

Knowing that I love camera's, my half sister gave me her mother's old Kodax.
It was fascinating to take a peek into the last photos her mother took before
she stopped snapping photos.
What I use this camera for is to take digital photos through the viewfinder.
Can you see my reflection and the trees I am seeing through the viewfinder?
I found this Brownie, a very simple box camera, at an antique shop in Wisconsin
a few years ago.  It was $5. and I couldn't resist.
Do you see the viewfinder on it, it pops up and works quite well to help in framing
the photo.  Also check out the rustic lever for taking the picture.
It took me awhile to find film for this little gem, but I found a place right
here in Portland that sells the film and also does the developing.
Now this is my new beauty.
My mother-in-law gave me a little money last Christmas
and I wanted to buy something special.
After all these months I decided this was it.
It feels like I am taking pictures with Mickey Mouse's camera
because it is big and again quite simple.
The fun thing is the picture pops out the top of the camera
and in minutes I see the results.

Now I must say my Canon Rebel is the camera I most often use;
but when I want a different effect or just to play a bit,
these cameras just make me smile.

Do you like taking pictures?
What camera makes you smile?


beth said...

have you ever ventured into "ttvf" also known as through the view finder? oh my gosh, it's so much fun!!! you'd love it!!

{just google it}

Angela McRae said...

Enjoyed seeing all your cameras! And I'm a Canon fan too. I use my Rebel for "business" picture taking and my PowerShot for everyday snapshots. Keep meaning to actually read the Rebel's manual so I can up my game with blog photos!

Laura Morrigan said...

How great to have a selection to play with and see what results you get. I developed film once in high school and it was fun, there is a part of me that misses that aspect with digital cameras. Although the fact that half the classes' film got overexposed and ruined as it didn't wind properly does show why digital can be good.

Tracy said...

VERY fun to see all the cameras in your collection, Marilyn and hear why you love them, and how you use them. I like old cameras, but don't collect. I have a little Canon IXUS digital thing that I've had ages--goes in my pocket or bag and I take with me everywhere. Since hubby & I both love photography we share a larger Canon digital when we feel we need more options. I love the digital for it's flexibility and instant gratification... LOL! I use Dropbox for organizing my pics and art programs on my iPad more for photo editing---it's such fun! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Time Traveling in Costume said...

One of my friends bought an old box camera like I remember playing with as a little girl (I used it as a doll house when it no longer worked). She found some film and took photos with it, and they looked like really old photos especially when you do have the right setting. I think it would be fun to create "old" photos with these.

Relyn Lawson said...

I love this post. It makes me to do one of my own with my old cameras. Hmmmm....

Jeanie said...

You DO have a collection! Sigh -- the images that must have come from these cameras over the years -- don't you wonder? I must look and see if I can find our old ones!