Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What goes with Tea?

As the Cookie Monster says, C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me!
Cookie, cookie, cookie!
Oh yes, these days I have cookies on my mind.
A new bakery,, recently opened and they are selling the best cookies for tea time.
French macarons, in my opinion are the best to go with tea.
Today in my cup is a delicious black tea, Top Chingwo Congou from Harney and Sons
and on the side two very wonderful French macarons.
C rhymes with T and Cookies and Tea are the perfect pair.

Can you find French macarons where you live?
Do you have a special bakery that makes these gorgeous treats?
I do make cookies and my little "cookie monster" loves helping out,
but French macarons I will leave to the baker artists.
They are just for a special treat much like a little box of chocolates
to savor and delight in with a yummy cup of tea.

You can order online good teas from the following companies:  (I still have a few $5. off coupons) (wonderful oolongs)

Enjoy some special teas for the holidays.
They make great gifts and stocking stuffers too.
Then find yourself a special treat, C is for Cookie!


Jeanie said...

Despite my relatively successful macaron making experiment, they do take time. We have a macaron specialty shop here, but I've also been VERY pleased with the Trader Joe variety packs -- and at 3.49, I think, I can't buy ingredients for that!

Bernideen said...

You certainly entertained me here and reminded me of the pleasures of tea!

Zaa said...

I love macaroons ...the bakery is really your best bet to get them fresh and yummy .. Ah yes...I think I shall have to have a macaroon teatime ..Sound fabulous...Thanks for sharing..Hugs

Beth L. said...

We have a new bakery in our little town. I will have to see if they have macaroons. I have never tried nor will I, I imagine, try to make my own.........

Angela McRae said...

I bought some macarons at one of our "fancier" Atlanta malls earlier this year, but since I had baked them before and knew they were supposed to have a light, crispy shell, I was disappointed in the mushy texture of the mall macarons. They weren't hard to make, just a little labor intensive! :)