Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beauty Surrounds Us

As a young girl the outdoors pulled at my heart.
It said come play with me.
Breathe my essence.
Feel the wind in my hair.
Smell the scents surrounding me.
 I rarely was found indoors.
The love of the outdoors has remained in my heart.
I notice the beauty of nature wherever I go.
Even from my window my eyes wander outdoors.
In my hearts eye I see fairies dancing among the flowers.
I lay on the sponge of the moss staring up at the trees.
For my delight is on the small and large things in nature
and I reside there to fill my heart with the music of JOY.

Is your heart filled with JOY in the surrounding nature of your life?
Do you see the BEAUTY surrounding you there?
Notice what you notice.


Relyn Lawson said...

You have blooms - we have snow. Oh my. And, spring break starts next Friday. Crossing my fingers for warmer weather.

Mark said...

Your words a great reminder...your photos just great too.

Jeanie said...

When I see your beautiful photos exploding with color, my heart is filled with joy and hope -- and yes, anticipation. Thanks! I needed this one today!

Gail said...

beautiful uplifting pictures of nature's beauty and miracles. We are ice and snow covered, bracing for two more storms. I love Winter though - a time of quiet reflection and rst - to imagine.
Love Gail

Laura Morrigan said...

<3 I love nature!

Mary said...

". . . . . . notice what you notice", that's quite thought provoking dear. Too many times we get bogged down in the nitty gritty of daily life and don't notice - sad. I really have to say that since I started blogging - eight years ago TODAY - I've taught myself to notice so much more by taking thousands of photos, and looking for interesting subjects to post about (well I try to make them interesting!).

Love you, because you help me notice too!
Mary x

Rosemary said...

You are truly surrounded by spring... alas, we are still in the dead of winter... and it has been a long cold winter so far. Hoping that March will begin to offer hopeful signs!