Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Beauty of Tea Time

Often I notice the beauty of the tea leaf and the delights of the flavor of the tea.
There is so much more beauty that surrounds tea time.
There are the accoutrements of tea, serving sets, flowers on the table, 
or the starkness of just a simple cup.
As a girl on certain quiet occasions, my mother and I would share cups of tea.
It wasn't anything fancy, but just a sit at the kitchen table and a chat.
My mother passed away 11 years ago, but when I go to a special tea
I love wearing her pearls.
The pearls were a gift from me many years ago
and I just know she would have worn these pearls to tea time.
Wearing them now to tea time, beside being beautiful, 
just feels like she is still having tea with me.
Do you share tea times with someone special,
even if in memory?

For those teacups collectors, this cup only says 
"Bavarian China Germany".


Sylvia said...

The Pearls are beautiful and a great reminder of your Mother. The teacup is so pretty!

Steph said...

What a beautiful story!

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

Love your post today! My love of tea began with my mom and like you it was nothing fancy. Tea invites conversation. It was an everyday part of life to have tea and chat at the kitchen table. Nowadays my mom and I do enjoy visiting different tea rooms together as a special treat.

Margie said...

I always love how tea brings people together. As Jen from the International Tea Moment blog always says, "the best tea moments are the ones shared!"

Linda P. said...

I use one of the two tea sets that belonged to my mother when I entertain guests for afternoon tea and think of her. They're kept in the china cabinet that also belonged to her. Have a wonderful day, Marilyn.

Tracy said...

Oh, Marilyn... this has me in tears--the happy kind! This sharing tea with you Mom has me thinking of my Mom and the tea times we shared. I miss sharing tea with her... and it's a treasure to be able to do so when we're visiting home. Like yours, our tea times were nothing fancy. Sometimes just Lipton in a mug... LOL! But the sharing--priceless... BEAUTIFUL pearls! I just love pearls, always have. So lovely you have your mother's pearls... even ones you gave her once. It's a wonderful though--you have her with you when you wear them. This was pure DE-LIGHT, my friend... thank you. :o) ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

I always think of my mom when having tea -- her pretty cups, her love of tea. She said she regretted not spending more time sitting with HER mom and having a cup of tea, not to guilt me into it for I was already "teaing." But I do think it was one of her regrets, as her mom died fairly young, though mom was an a young adult by then. It's a regret that I'm pleased I don't have, especially since she's no longer here to sip with. She's often in my head and heart.

Bernideen said...

What a sweet little cup and saucer Marilyn and the flowers in the post above. I wondered if this was now? If you have flowers blooming already I will be totally amazed!

Laura Morrigan said...

That is a lovely way to remember her! And a lovely teacup!

Mary said...

Oh Marilyn, I loved this post and the story of you and your mother enjoying special tea times together. The pearls are beautiful - I have mother's necklace also. She's been gone 12 years now and I miss her every day.

This week my now sadly widowed sister-in-law visited from PA - drove down alone on her way to Hilton Head Island where she has a timeshare. I so enjoyed an afternoon tea here with her - she loved the almond cookies I made, and chose a blackcurrant tea - I stayed with my Empress Grey. I love making memories at teatime - just waiting now for Spring and being able to have tea in that cold-looking gazebo!

Hugs - Mary X