Friday, February 6, 2015

First of the Year?!

I must admit, I have been amiss!
In a normal first of the year I would have all my bookkeeping up to date
and all my papers ready for the accountant.
Since this hasn't been a normal first of the year
I am sipping my tea and noticing that I have been amiss.
Do you think anyone will notice if I am not ready by the
beginning of February?
It is not one of my favorite things to do.
There are still papers to gather and inventory to do.
Numbers to crunch and organization will come.
So if you don't hear from me for a day or maybe two,
I am about to come out of the hole I have been in.
After all March isn't here yet,
give this girl a break.
For I can still meet tax time
and another year will be faced.
Dreaming dreams for adventures
after tax time is done.

Yikes!  Do you just cringe when having to prepare for taxes?
Pull out the teapot and a pretty cup too.
It will soothe the edges and soon we can play.

Happy weekend, dear friends.

Photos from the Deepwood Estate, Salem, Oregon


Laura Morrigan said...

I love the old typewriter, Deepwood sounds like a place I would like to visit one day!

Rosemary said...

Fun photos! Tax time.... ugh.... paperwork piled on my desk and dreading the necessity of dealing with it! I do like to get it all done early and out of the way though.

Lorrie said...

I'm fortunate that my husband does the taxes so I don't have to worry about it, just provide tea and cookies for him.
Wishing you numbers that add up properly as you do the paperwork.

Jeanie said...

I cringe and it's just my personal taxes which aren't all that complicated. If I had to track inventory -- and I might someday -- that would be a challenge.

Good luck with it. Take a few breaks and watch the stress on your neck!

Linda said...

Hi Marilyn,

Great post, thank you so much for sharing. And I love the vintage typewriter!!!

Tracy said...

This is one of those things where we must be gentle with ourselves. LOL... Anything to do with math, I confess, I procrastinate a bit. A cup of tea helps enormously! ;o) That said, I have a VERY kind hubby who is good with math and who helps. LOVE the vintage typewriter! ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

Ohhhhh, please don't remind me ... it's about to be that time again, isn't it? I think I need a cup of tea!