Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

 Lan Su Chinese Garden celebration for Chinese New Year, year of the ram.
 I just love the winter blossoms.
Both above and below are plants that are so fragrant,
they just make me smile.
Above is in the daphne family.
Below is a fragrant tea flower.
I had never noticed the tea flower in the garden before.

 The teahouse in the garden.
 There he is, the lion dancing for us.
 The lion dance and the red lanterns made the celebration so special.

The red in this flower (I think Japanese quince) was so intense, it touched my heart.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Linda P. said...

A lovely traditional setting to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The flowers in the garden there are so beautiful.

Jeanie said...

How beautiful! It would be such fun to celebrate the new year in an actual Chinese garden!

Laura Morrigan said...

The blossoms are lovely! I must go to a Chinese garden again sometime!

Anonymous said...

How bright and vibrant. I miss Portland. So much to love there.

Jeanne said...

I love these photographs. Thanks so much for posting them.
Love Jeanne

Keri Lou said...

What a beautiful Chinese garden Marilyn! My little three year old came home from his child minder on Thursday with his face painted like a dragon :-) Keri x

Tracy said...

Happy New Year, Marilyn--a bit extra celebrating is a great thing! Wonderful photos... I just love all those lanterns... ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

Gorgeous! It must be so fun to see this bright, colorful celebration in the middle of winter!

Joy said...

How wonderful to have all those winter blossoms!

Storybook Woods said...

How fun and Portland has such an amazing Chinese garden. Reminds me of the one in San Fransisco. I loved that place as a little girl. Clarice