Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kindness of a Friend

David's Tea in Canada makes wonderful, fragrant flavored teas.
Pink Flamingo, a fruit infusion, is caffeine free.
It is a blend of hibiscus, lemon grass, dried beetroot, apple,
carrot, blackberry leaves, eucalyptus, tangerine and orange slices.
The pink color is a delight to the eye.
Shared with my "live-in gardener" we tried to identify the flavors.
What we noticed was the hibiscus and the citrus flavor of lemon grass.
It was the perfect Valentine's celebration tea to sip for an afternoon break.
Thanks to the kindness of a friend who sent me the sample to enjoy.
We thoroughly enjoyed this tea in the afternoon.

PS David's Tea can be found online and there are a few shops
around the country, as I once came across one in San Francisco.


Sylvia said...

The tea sounds good and I love your teapot!

Laura Morrigan said...

Ah we have wonderful teas like that at T2 in Australia. I love a mix of the citrusy Southern Sunrise and the sweet pomegranate and rose petal one!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I have quite a few blends of David's Teas and was thrilled to have one open in our mall. Before that, I was buying it up north where our daughter lives.
I like your accompanying treat for afternoon tea.

Lorrie said...

We have David's Tea shops here in Victoria but I've never been into one. Your pink tea sounds delightful.

Margie said...

I also love Davids Tea and am fortunate enough to have a store nearby. For a Valentine's Day tea, I enjoyed two flavoured black teas: Read My Lips and Red Velvet Cake!

Bernideen said...

Now that looks very healthy as well as that plate of fruits and nuts! Lovely and so glad you shared.

Jeanie said...

How fun to have a brand new tea to try -- and the photo was perfect!

Angela McRae said...

This tea sounds like one I would enjoy, but I must say that I ADORE the name!

Rosemary said...

We happened upon a David's Teas in NYC - and it was such a happy experience with the vibrant colors in the shop and the spirited clerks eager to greet the customer. Fun!

Linda P. said...

The tea is a wonderful colour and it's good to know that it's due to natural ingredients. Your red teapot is perfect for your afternoon tea break.