Thursday, March 26, 2015

Extra-Ordinary Miracles

My friend, Relyn, has been writing about Ordinary Miracles on her blog here.
Reading her posts this has sat on my mind as I think on Ordinary Miracles.
The visit to Yosemite, I decided, was more of an "extra" ordinary miracle.
A miracle of God's creation and beauty.
A delight for our senses.
Spotting this pair were definitely extra-ordinary!

 Redbud was beginning to bloom and brought memories
of a friend that loves this beauty.
 An ingenious raven finding his next meal off the grill of cars in the parking lot.
 California Laurel was blooming.
 The color of Redbud just made my heart sing.
 Bridalveil Falls delighted my soul.
As night settled in I could say God provided most extra-ordinary surroundings.
From the water falls, signs of nature, granite rocks, and Redbud too.


Laura Morrigan said...

Nature always seems a miracle to me! It inspires me!

Mary said...

More fabulous scenery - you must have so enjoyed this lovely trip Marilyn. Our redbuds are just starting - they certainly add color to the still leafless trees - spring is slowly making her way closer though.

Mary x

Jeanie said...

Bridalveil Falls is my favorite, I think. I can't imagine seeing those deer so close up and in their own environment. They seem without fear, but then, no one could fear you.

These are gorgeous -- I love redbud!

Sylvia said...

Beautiful photo's, Marilyn,the redbuds are beginning to bloom here.

Rosemary said...

God's country... gorgeous!

Joy said...

Extra-ordinary beauty all around you!