Thursday, March 5, 2015

India's Tea Caravan Arrived

 The tea is quite light in the cup, can you see it?

What a special beginning to March when the tea caravan arrived at my door.
Beside a special treat from a friend,
there was a box of tea from
It will take me awhile to taste all the delights,
but when I saw the word Nilgiri I just had to try it first.
I have had some wonderful black teas from the Nilgiri region of India
and I assumed this was a black tea similar to those already tried.
In my not quite awake state I made a small pot of
Avaata Supreme Nilgiri.
Well it didn't look quite like a black tea.
The leaves were large whole pieces and more green than I remembered.
After a steep in boiling hot water I was surprised it had a very light color to the tea in the cup.
You would think I would have realized by now it wasn't a black tea,
but no I had to sip and say "what is this?".
Now I was awake and read the package, it was a green tea.
My next pot of tea was made at the correct temperature,
steeped at the right amount of time, and yes it was a delightful green tea.
Oh I am glad I sampled this one first, as the rest will be black teas,
and without any preconceived thoughts I sampled a green tea
and thoroughly enjoyed.
Thanks, Golden Tips Tea!

For those of you curious about the cup, it is my nod to March and St. Patrick's Day
coming up.  It is Royal Staffordshire Pottery, AJWilkinson Ltd., Rural Scenes. 


Sylvia said...

I enjoy trying new teas. This sounds good. I like your tea cup.
Have a nice day,Marilyn.

annieelf2012 said...

I love the colors in these photos. They are so aprpo for India.

Angela McRae said...

Greatly enjoyed this review! I have sampled Golden Tips Tea before and really enjoyed it.

Tracy said...

Goodness, that is a VERY pale tea--almost "water color"! I've not had this tea before. I didn't realize there was much green tea coming from India--fascinating! Lovely cup... and I have little brown tea pot--it's my fave. :O) Happy Weekend, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

I love a pale tea -- nothing too strong for this girl! And this cup may be my favorite. I don't know -- it's always hard because you come up with another perfect one! But I do love transferware!