Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tea Bar

 Gaba Oolong was in the gaiwan.

An apple hand pie was on the plate.

Reconnecting with a friend was oh so special.

About two months ago a new Tea Bar opened within walking distance of my home.
I knew they were coming.
I had watch through the window their progress.
I was so very excited.
Finally the day came when I could walk there and have tea.
Close to the entry were some magazines and I picked one up to enjoy.
It was Kinfolk Magazine.
Have you read it?
Well you say why did she suddenly change from telling about the Tea Bar
to reading Kinfolk Magazine?

The second time I visited the Tea Bar I met a dear friend.
One I hadn't seen for a long time.
A friend I very much enjoyed catching up with.
I had the same Gaba Oolong and apple hand pie I had the first time.
Both were oh so good.
When I was leaving I snapped the above pictures.
After looking at them on my computer I had the feeling I had stepped
into the Kinfolk Magazine.
The Tea Bar has the same simple, clean lines.
A place where you add your own story
over a good cup of tea.

If you are in Portland, Oregon or come for a visit
I can recommend a stop at the Tea Bar on N.E. Killingsworth Blvd.
I would gladly meet you there.


Gail said...

Hi - lovely place to go and be served your favorite beverage - yum - and to meet up with an le friend, priceless :-)
Love Gail

Sylvia said...

Great place,Marilyn. I know that I would keep them in business.

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

How great to have a tea bar in walking distance! I would love that. Seems like a nice place to catch up with a friend.

Jeanie said...

Speaking from recent experience, there is nothing like catching up with an old friend. and if you can do it in an environment so nice as Tea Bar, all the better!

Angela McRae said...

How fun to have a tea bar "within walking distance." And maybe this is a regional thing, but I must ask ... what is "an apple hand pie"? The photo's not quite large enough for me be certain, but I'm thinking it looks like a turnover, the crescent-shaped pie? (I may need to know this if I ever have a Portland character in a novel!)

Laura Morrigan said...

A tea bar! Awesome!

Rosemary said...

Great look... I know I would enjoy spending some time here.