Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fairy Tales

Upon reading the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern my mind was
already captured by a fairy tale.  In the story we meander through avenues between
black, white, and grey tents taking in surprises along the way.
 So just a few days ago as I had the opportunity to wander in this garden,
I was enchanted at the surprises I found along the way.
The beauty was astounding and I was wrapped in another fairy tale.
 A fairy tale of Bearded Iris.

 Welch Poppies
 Large acorns hidden by wee fairies.
 A place to sit by an evening fire and dream.
 Touches of color.
 A hidden avenue with a bench and birdhouse.
 The bird song touched my heart right here in this garden.
I was enchanted by the hummingbirds fluttering about.
 A hide away tucked in amongst the roses.
A friendly creature sitting in the bird bath of succulents.

And roses splashed across the palette in every color imaginable.

Visiting this garden and pottery shop is by appointment only.  503-774-5387

LongSomeVille Pottery Company
5006 S.E. Long Street
Portland, Oregon 97206

If you are ever traveling to Portland, this fairy tale garden is worth a visit.  The pottery you would see there is spectacular too.

PS:  Don't forget to sign up for the give away mentioned on Friday.


Jeanie said...

Oh Marilyn, this is indeed a magical garden. I do believe that I would have to make an appointment!

Joy said...

What a beautiful place, thank you for sharing it!

Rosemary said...

Such a lovely spot! There are fairies living there indeed!