Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Joey

My calendar says it is Joey's birthday today.
Wow! 6 years!
It doesn't seem possible it has been that long
since I adopted this big guy at 6 months old.
He doesn't let me put him in costumes any longer,
not after the bat wings went out of control.
He is still as timid as the little guy first adopted from the humane society.
He is my pal!
Happy Birthday to you, Joey!

I will announce the winner of the give away when Canvas Pop let's me know.
It closes today, so the announcement will be soon .

Happy weekend, dear friends!


Laurie said...

Happy Birthday "Pal Joey"!

Jeanie said...

BIG day for Joey! And big day for Marilyn, too. Give Joey extra Gypsy-style pets and hugs (that means lots of sweet ones!) for me and maybe even (dare I say it) a toy or a treat or two? How I love photos of your sweet boy and the memories he brings.

martea said...

Happy Birthday, Joey!
It doesn't seem possible Joey is 6 years old already...
His antics shared here have been such fun.

Adrienne said...

Happy birthday, Joey. I hope you got a special treat!

Sylvia said...

Happy Birthday,Joey! Give him a hug for me Marilyn!

Mary said...

Belated Happy Birthday sweet Joey - you will always be my favorite 'marmalade kitty', even though you went into hiding when I came to visit, ha ha!!!!

Hugs - Mary

Lady Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Joey! He looks like our first kitty Whiskey. I miss having a cat. Stay cool.
Hugs, Linda

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

Happy Birthday handsome boy!

Angela McRae said...

Happy Birthday to Joey!

Rosemary said...

Wow! 6 years! I can't believe I have been following the adventures of Joey for that long! Hope he enjoyed an extra special can of salmon or something!

Laura Morrigan said...

He is a beautiful boy! Happy birthday, Joey!