Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday's Quotes

 "Poppop" and the little guy spending time together.
 Families enjoying the day in the sun picking blueberries and picnicking.

Why God Created Fathers

When God created Fathers, He made two loving arms
To cradle us and shelter us from the worldly harm.
When God created Fathers, He made a pair of hands
To care for us and guide us through our choices and our plans.
When God created Fathers, He made the warmest heart
To understand and give our lives a happy, loving start.
Why God created Fathers, is not a mystery. . .
He meant to share His love with us and did it perfectly.

Blessings on the fathers that guide their children,
that love them perfectly.
For some this father is a dream
For some this father is a special man that steps in
to love us unconditionally.
It may be an uncle, friend, or grandfather that takes
up the banner strong.
God bless these special fathers on this day set aside just for them.

Note:  The quotes today were read by me as opening 
thoughts yesterday at my church in acknowledgement of father's day.


Laurie said...

so beautiful Marilyn, I had never read that poem before.

Steph said...

Your poem is heartfelt.

Jeanie said...

A wonderful post and the photo is a treasure.

Angela McRae said...

What a lovely tribute to all the special men in our lives!