Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Picnic Anyone?

Picnic music to get in the mood right HERE.

 When I recently spotted this picnic table waiting, I was struck with loneliness.
Songs of being alone sat heavy on my heart.
Even the houses have turned their backs to this lonely table.
Picnics in my mind are for sharing love and languishing delightedly in the day.
Picnics are for sharing laughter and a song.
Picnics are for good food and cold drinks.
Picnics are for sharing with a friend and family.

Let's pick up a quilt and tip toe through the grass to
those trees I see on the horizon?
I will bring a tall, icy pitcher of tea with sliced lemons,
sandwiches sprinkled with peppers and slabs of fresh garden tomatoes,
and a tall chocolatey confection wrapped with buttercream frosting.
But most of all I will bring love and laughter and a song to sing.
Come along with me, let's have a picnic today.
What will you bring to the day?

PS - my pansy pods are drying and when they are ready I will be sending
to Mark, Laurie, Judith, and Glenna.  There is one more pod drying if I missed
someone that would like one.  I have Mark and Laurie's addresses, but
Judith and Glenna, I will need your address.  You can find my email address
in my profile to send the address.  Can't wait to share.


Sylvia said...

Maybe it has been sat up for the home owners to have a 'block party picnic', Marilyn. I hope so cause it does look lonely, just maybe soon it will be filled with people and laughter!

Laurie said...

I love going on picnics, and too, feel this lonely table needs some company! I'll join you for that cold ice tea and sandwiches, I'll bring a nice pasta salad and a bottle of chilled wine. Can't wait to receive my "poppy" pods!!

Lorrie said...

I'll bring a pretty tablecloth, an icy cold watermelon, and a salad. Sounds like a fun way to cheer up that photo.

Laura Morrigan said...

Love picnics!

Adrienne said...

I'm listening to the 'picnic' music as I write. I'd love to join your picnic - but a bit late. I would bring some fresh raspberries from my garden and a bit of sweet cream to enjoy with them. Sweet little dishes to serve them in and something vintage but beautiful to dip them out with. I think that table was set up so anyone could use it. But I think someone should plant a couple of trees at the corners to provide shade and make it not look so sad.