Friday, August 7, 2015

5 Facts about Me

Susanna Conway hosts The August Break every summer with trigger words.
I have been playing on Flickr with this fun event.
Today's post was suppose to be 5 Facts about Me in a picture.
I was having a hard time figuring that one out until I looked over
at the table in my office.
In one picture just from what was on the table I found the 5 Facts.

1. I have a magazine addiction.
2. I have written two books and working on a third.
3. Love tea.
4. Love words.
5. Love to plan travel and then take travel adventures.
Can you tell where I am planning for next year?

How fun was that!
I was amazed at myself to find my loves right in one place.

Happy weekend, dear friends.
Look around you and be amazed and delighted.


Laurie said...

You made it look so easy!! Very fun facts, Marilyn. Where are you going/ England?

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hmm, do I see a bit of the Irish creeping in? Interesting that you could show five things about yourself in one small area.
I can't imagine writing a whole book, it kept me busy enough writing a weekly newspaper column and quarterly magazine article for 13 years.
Now I just enjoy blogging, the no obligation kind. :-)

Rosemary said...

That was fun! I've just looked around my desk... and yes, there are many things that I love tucked here and there. Makes me smile!

Jeanie said...

Take me with you to the UK and Amsterdam! I love these "five thing" posts! They're fun!

Mary said...

You will love all those places, take the word of someone who knows!

I'm happy to have a copy of your Tea Outdoors book which is so lovely Marilyn - what will the new book be about?

Enjoy the weekend - it's cooled off a bit here at last, thank goodness! My detail guy came to do my car early this morning and it was so pleasant outside chatting with him. Bob's out now - doing guess what? Harvesting figs of course!

Hugs - Mary

Tracy said...

Oh, you did a BEAUTIFUL job in capturing yourself in multi-picture form! (I went easy on this with just pic of me... and I feel my banner is a good picture of me/my life--so left it at that. ;o) VERY exciting with you plan for UK travel next year--HOORAY! One of my fave destination too. And another book--also very exciting. Some terrific projects you're dipping into. Such fun you shared an August Break post here. And thank you for visiting me often during this month for the daily photo challenge. So nice to be sharing this with you! :o) ((HUGS))