Friday, August 21, 2015

Goodnight Sleeptight

The Blue Moon on July 31st.
Did your mother ever say:
Good night, Sleep tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite
If they do, bite them in two.
That's the way the monkey's do.

My mother always said that, such fond memories of words spoken.

I live near the Columbia River, so it wasn't much of a journey to venture
out on a full moon evening in summer to take photos of the moon.
Walking back to my car I snapped this photo and actually ended up
liking it better than the moon.
Would you like spending your nights under the light of the moon
in a houseboat on the river?
I wonder if the gentle lap of the water nearby would lull us to sleep.
Would it be a gentle ride or wild on a stormy night?
Sometimes I dream of nights such as these floating on the river.

But for now I will say, have a dear, sweet night of sleep.
Good night and Sleep tight.

Happy weekend, dear friends.


Jeanie said...

Nice shots, both, but yes, I agree -- the water cottages are beautiful with that light. I'd love to spend a night or two there!

Rosemary said...

Oh! I never heard the second part of 'don't let the bed bugs bite'. Funny!

Mary said...

We stepped out on the porch, binoculars in hand, to see the blue moon that evening Marilyn - it was quite lovely.
Never stayed on a houseboat but think I would love it - always love sleeping on the water - but have never actually desired a waterbed!!!

Having a good weekend - but so hot still - enjoy your time dear.
Mary X

Adrienne said...

Yes, my mother said that to me. I think I would love to spend moonlit nights in a houseboat on the river - until the storms come. Then I fear that I would fear for my life!