Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tea by the Sea

 Twin Rocks, Oregon

If I haven't been to the sea by this time of year,
I begin dreaming of just such an adventure.
Taking my tea, I will go to the sea.
I will savor the roar of the waves
as I sit there in silence.
The warmth that surrounds me
will envelop me with peace.
There will be a smile on my lips
as I sip tea by the sea.


Steph said...

Beautiful! And such loving!self care!

Ruth W said...

I can almost hear the roar of the waves. Beautiful Marilyn!

Laura said...

So lovely. I miss the sea.

Tracy said...

Oh, I LOVE this soooo much!! Tea by the sea tastes it's absolute best! :o) Just adore that little red teapot... and that little lunch box... *swoon*... And Blue Willow--yes! Can almost hear the gentle sea lapping the shore... ((HUGS))

Mary said...

Oregon's coast is really beautiful and I recall walking on that part of the beach to view the rock formations.
Your teatime picnic must have been delightful - looking forward to hearing more.
Hope you dipped your toes in that lovely Pacific surf.
Mary x

Jeanie said...

So pretty! I love the idea of tea by the sea and that picnic basket is perfect. Well, really, everything is perfect!

Rosemary said...

Lovely composition! Tea by the sea.... such fun!

Adrienne said...

I discovered that I had missed this post somehow. I think I read it on my phone but couldn't comment. I love the Twin Rocks beach. It's such a great place to be. And tea on the beach? What a great plan. I'll have to do that one of these days when we head to the beach.