Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Clearing your mind for SLEEP

When you can't calm down from the days activities
and your mind is running so fast you are not able to shut it down to sleep,
what do you do?
One night recently was such a night for me.
Yes, I could take drugs to help me sleep.
I sometimes get up and read until I can't keep my eyes open.
What works the best is to imagine the sound of the sea,
feel the gentle breezes or the warmth of the sun,
and picture myself laying on the sand or in a hammock tied between two palm trees.
The sway of the hammock, the feel of the breeze and warm sun, and the sound
of the sea does it everytime.

So what do you do?
What works like magic just for you?


Angela McRae said...

I try to read a book 'til I drift off, and not a digital book. (I do believe the things I've read about how the light keeps us stimulated.)

Tracy said...

It's not often I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep. But sometimes I get up, make some calming chamomile tea, and that quiet time with tea can be enough. If my brain's too chatty still, sometimes I read, or work on a fiber project for a short while. A completely dark room is essential for me. And sometimes I use a sleeping mask--it's very gentle, calming on the eyes... Anything calming! Rest well, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I almost always need a way to shut off. I like putting on a familiar movie with just the sound on. The voices and music with occasional silences puts me right out! A breezy beach sounds perfect! So nice to have a visit from you!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

This post could have been written for me Marilyn!
I have terrible trouble getting to sleep....
Angela is so right about "blue light" - it's a "no no" for me before bedtime, much as I love visiting my blog friends from the comfort of my bed!
I love Tracy's "brain too chatty" that's me to a T!
I take a mug of Chamomile tea with a teaspoon of honey in it to bed with me and read for a while.
Then I put on my eye mask and do some deep breathing - usually works for me!
Tonight I'll try your swaying in a hammock to the sounds of the sea.
Years ago when I did yoga - at the end of our sessions we imagined we were in Provence, lying in a field with the the warm sun - I often drifted off to sleep!

Laurie said...

I usually turn on the tv to watch some comedy, and drift off pretty quickly. I like your idea better though!

Rosemary said...

Will have to try your technique of imagining the blissful solitude of a deserted beach. Usually, I will count backwards from 100 to 1, coordinating each breath in with the first part of the number (ninety) and the next part of the number (nine)with exhalation. It works... I never make it very far past 100, although, if I mess up with the counting/breathing coordination I start again with 100. There is always that one night when it doesn't do the trick and I'm up until 3:30 or so. That is frustrating... and with each passing minute the frustration grows. No amount of counting/breathing with save that night.

Jeanie said...

I make up all the stories and chapters for the books I will probably never write and tell them to myself till I get bored and fall asleep. There is the mystery story, the story of our family, many others!