Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Joey Sighting

A Joey sighting.
He even posed just for you.
No hat or costume.

Joey often follows me around, especially in the mornings.
This is my common view with my morning tea.
Right at this moment he is sitting nearby watching
for squirrels, birds, and one black cat.


Lorrie said...

Cute cat.

Rosemary said...

Have missed Joey! He looks like a regal cat as he poses for us... until that interloper shows up!

Laurie said...

What adorable photo's Marilyn! Was the black cat a neighbors or just a stray visitor? So cute!

Jeanie said...

Of all the magnificent orange cats I see, Joey is the one who most reminds me of Gypsy. He has a tad more white highlights but so close. And it always stops my heart with joy. I like to think perhaps my boy and Joey have a distant relative! I love both the posed shot and the wonderful out-the-window one. They look terrific!

Mary said...

I just love that shy boy Joey!
Your haiku is fabulous - more of these please!

Mary x

Adrienne said...

Joey is such a handsome guy! I love to see him and watching him at your door must be fun. I miss my kitty but know our someday plans would only frustrate a cat so I will just enjoy seeing your Joey.

Laura Morrigan said...