Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Fan of the Light

My heart remains heavy for those that have lost their lives
through violence around the world.
My Sunday newspaper had a commentary by Leonard Pitts Jr.,
I am a fan of his commentaries.
He was writing about the City of Light, Paris,
but his words are appropriate in our hearts and in the world.

"It isn't bullets and bombs these monsters fear the most,
hate the most, or that hurts them the most.
No, that which lurks in shadow despises light
-and well it should.  Light reveals bankrupt ideologies
for the failures they are.
Light draws people together.
Light gives courage.
And light give hope.
-- shine on."

This morning I watched a YouTube video of an interview with a little
boy and his father in Paris.  His father explained that we fight with flowers
and the light of candles instead of guns.  There is the light again.

May our light shine around the world. 
The light in the photo and one cookie for you and one for me,
we will share the beauty of the day.


Mary said...

This evening, which will be here very soon, seems like one when I will definitely light the candles!
Thanks for sharing those stories Marilyn. it's all so hard for the little ones to understand what all this is about, and even harder for we the grown ups having to try to explain about the terror and sadness it brings to good people.

Cookies sound comforting and those do look yummy - even homemade perhaps?

Love and hugs - Mary

Lorrie said...

Yes, it's good to light candles and turn on lights to dispel the darkness at this time of year. I saw that interview with the little boy and his father. So very sweet.

Jeanie said...

Well spoken, Marilyn. The words are spot on and the photo is a beautiful illustration. Indeed, at this dark time of year, remembering the light is so wise on any number of levels.

Joy said...

Beautiful words.

Angela McRae said...

I so agree with what he says about darkness and light here. Beautifully said.