Thursday, November 19, 2015

One Rescued Birdhouse

 In the morning light, a candle shines in the birdcage.
Most of the time I don't even notice this birdcage.
It hangs in my bathroom.
During the winter, dark months I often light a small candle inside.
It is a bit beat up, as you can see.
I rescued it from the trash many years ago
and it has traveled far.
Just this morning I took a look and decided it needs some
tender loving care.
Should I change the color,
maybe paint it white?
For sure it needs a bit of straightening. 
Maybe it needs more love and not just sit in my bathroom.
I do love this little rescued house.
What would you do with it?


Lorrie said...

It's a lovely piece. Painting it white would brighten it up and make it stand out more. But then, I'll paint almost anything white.

Joy said...

I love it, too! It's darling just as it is, and it depends on what the rest of your bathroom looks like, but a coat of white paint might highlight it a bit. In my case I might paint it a soft blue, but I tend to like blue things. (that's an understatement!) At any rate, I'm glad you rescued it, and it make a great candle display place.

Tracy said...

Oh, this is a SWEET piece, Marilyn! And I like the idea of using it as a candle holder--very cheery during the darker months. And I like white painted things, so I'd choose white. What I might do first though, it is doing an undercoat of a bronze metallic, then the white paint, and then use some sandpaper to pull back to the bronze--a bit shabby chic. Will look forward to seeing what kind of make-over you give it! :) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

Looks fabulous, Marilyn! I'm torn on the painting. I like the weathered antique and old look but white or light (blue or whatever color works) would lighten it up if you need to. I like Tracy's idea.

I just bought a lantern and I have a small birdcage (from Michael's, nothing special) that I think I may fill with ornaments for the holidays. Depending on what I use, if they are transparent balls, I might tuck in some battery LED lights for a bit of a glow, but we'll see. I often will put a bird or bunny figure in mine, sitting on moss, during other parts of the year. (In autumn I had a small witch!)

Mary said...

Tracy's paint finish sounds awesome - perhaps brightening it up will give it a new lease on life and you'll enjoy it more.
I love birdcages and saw some beautiful ones in that Paris flower market. They also have a bird market there on weekends - can't say I like caged birds though - your idea of a little candle is much better! I replied on that Paris Morning post I wrote re: you finding a 'morning walking tour' Marilyn - you may want to take a peek.

Mary x