Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yep, That's Green!

Recently a tea friend from Assam, India sent some tea samples for me to try.
There were two green teas, one called Heritage Green and the other Heritage Mountain Green.
The first time I tried them I made my morning tea in my little teapot.
I like hot tea, so I made them at a hotter temperature than normally recommended for green teas.
I was not impressed and realized I needed to be more accurate the second time around.
Yesterday I made them side by side in mugs at 175 degrees.
Yep, they are definitely better when you make them the way they are intended to be made.
For green teas they had a smoothness that I enjoyed, just a touch of grassy and a nice full leaf.
Going into the tasting I expected to like the Heritage Mountain Green, 
just because I liked the name; but surprisingly I liked the Heritage Green just a little better.
To learn more about the Heritage Factory in Assam you can follow the link here:
assamheritage tea on Facebook, nice video on June 7th posting, or
It is fun to receive special teas straight from the source.
What a treat to enjoy with my new cup and a couple treats for afternoon tea.
Thanks!  Rajen Baruah


Steph said...

I love to try nontraditional teas! Cool!

Jeanie said...

How fun! I know I should like green tea better than I do -- it's so good for you, they say! Those macarons look lovely!