Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanksgiving Memory

What's your favorite Thanksgiving memory from childhood?

My favorite was gathering with all my cousins, aunts, and uncles at the
family apple ranch.  All the furniture would be pushed back to allow for
one long table set up the full width of the small house.
Most of the time my cousins and I would be outdoors playing,
after all it was California.
However, there were moments of running indoors to check out
the table.  Was the food out on the table yet.
We were so starving for all that good food.
The first thing that showed up were bowls of black olives.
For sure we would pop one on each finger when our aunts weren't looking.
Off we would run to nibble each finger with an olive.
I still remember one aunt shooing us outdoors when we got caught.
Still today I remember fondly, especially when I see the same instinct
with my grandson and olives on the fingers.

I would love to read of your fondest memory.


Deb said...

Rather similar. Getting together with my cousins at my grandmother's farm for the big dinner. First we would play outside but always checking to see if the table in the dining-room was set. The food was mostly fresh from her garden and delicious. And the pies....amazing!

Gail said...

Hi and Happy Thanksgiving
Great post and wonderful memory. Love the olives on the fingers. My favorite memory was going to the football game on Thanksgiving morning with my Dad - our hometown high school played against his home town high school from when he was growing up. It was a loving rivalry and time honored tradition,the we we got home we could smell the delicious aromas of the turkey and stuffing from the driveway and when we opened the door the full scents filled our senses with delicious smells and tastes and the table set with the best china and my Mom wearing her holiday apron stirring and simmering and there to greet us. Oh those were the days.......
Love Gail

Time Traveling in Costume said...

My Mom always involved me in cooking our turkey so to this day I still LOVE cooking a turkey. I feel deprived if we have to go to someone's else's house for dinner, so I usually try to pick up our own turkey to cook it at a later date. The turkey sandwiches after are always a favorite too.
Happy Thanksgiving Marilyn.

Mary said...

Of course we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving in England so my first one was experienced in Maryland in 1963 when my boss invited me to their home. It was really lovely - they were a large wealthy family and the meal was done in style - I ate meat then so really enjoyed the turkey and trimmings. It was probably also my first taste of olives - I recall a little olive 'tree' formed on a styrofoam base as an edible table decoration and thought it amazing - so much so that I created my own the first time I cooked a Thanksgiving meal for my in-laws in New England several years later! My father-in-law thought it incredible and it was a huge topic of conversation for many years!

We are going to eat out alone this year - I can no longer do that huge meal - and we've not been invited anywhere. Fine with us though - and no dishes to wash, LOL!
Enjoy your holiday meal dear Marilyn and Jim.
Love - Mary

Linda P said...

Thanksgiving is a wonderful custom and you must have many memories of past celebration meals. In England we don't have quite the same tradition of a thanksgiving meal. Instead my memories are of harvest festival church services and bringing our offerings of fruit and vegetables into church before distributing them to needy folk.