Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I see something Red!

 Do you see the red on this beautiful bird?
 The hummingbird doesn't mind all the colors, including red.
 A red toadstool.
 Red flowers.
Recently when chatting with a friend she said she never wears red.
She just feels it is too bold.
How do you feel about touches of red?
Do you wear red?
Do you gravitate toward red?
or do you avoid red?

I never thought of myself as a bold person, but I do like red.
Just a touch of red makes me smile.
A tee shirt and my car are red.
They make me so happy. 
Is it just another color to you?
Let's embrace red and run with it,
for we all need a little boldness in our lives.

PS - computer problems this week, so my posts may be erratic.


Angela McRae said...

I am not a red kind of person, although I would like to be!

Joy said...

I love red, it's a happy color. Usually I just wear touches of it, too, but they just make an outfit perfect. Happy New Year!

Jeanie said...

I love the garland and tulips. Fabulous. I've never been a huge red fan and yet -- I have a giant red/turquoise/gold rug in my living room and just bought a red chair -- and I love it!

Lorrie said...

I'm not fond of red, but I'm starting to wear it a bit more, and enjoy lots of red and white at Christmas time in my home.
Your touches of red photos are pretty ones.

wholly jeanne said...

My granddaddy always said that when you see a red bird, you know it's gonna' be a happy day. Red and I are currently getting to know each other . . .

Mary said...

Our entire neighborhood is being dug up for cable installations - such a despicable mess everywhere. Today they cut the power line and we and 1800 other homes were without every electrical utility for several hours.

So many cardinals in our garden now - first to arrive at the feeders and last to leave after dusk. Of course the males are very red now thru spring - the females are lovely too.

I've only worn my new red Zara coat a couple of times - it's wool and has been too warm. Hopefully colder weather will come soon - dare I say that!

Lovely pix dear - Mary x

Bernideen said...

I hate computer problems. WE just had to buy a new screen and the old one was only 3 years old. I love that tree in your yard - wow!! That's a treasure.
Pretty birds too!

Rosemary said...

Years ago I had my nails painted red... the first time ever... I think I must be bold and do that again!