Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday's Quotes

Each preparation of the leaves has its individuality,
its special affinity with water and heat,
its own method of telling a story, 
the truly beautiful must always be in it.
~Okakura Kakuzo, The Book of Tea


Jeanie said...

What a perfect quote! And a beautiful still life, too, Marilyn!

Mary said...

Well that beautiful quote certainly rules out throwing a tea bag in a mug and hoping for a good cuppa in no time flat! Oh the lovely teapots - the pink transferware one is such a gorgeous shape - is it vintage Marilyn?

Sipping coffee right now but promise to make up a pot of good tea this afternoon!
Love, Mary

Angela McRae said...

Lovely quote and photo. (Can definitely see your photography class shining through!)

Rosemary said...

Beautiful thoughts! Beautiful composition!